Roman Animal Trapper


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Author  Mayo Purnell
Publication Date   December 23, 2012
Pages  157


Set in the later Roman Empire, Roman Animal Trapper is the story of a man who traps animals for the games in the Colosseum. His plan to trap in the tiger-rich forest lands bordering the Caspian Sea thwarted by the Sassanid Persians, who are making war on Roman outposts in what is now Iraq, the story follows his journey by barge down the Euphrates through a war-shattered Mesopotamia en route to India, where he still hopes to procure the big cats. As they descend into the blood and darkness of the Roman frontier, he and his band of Nubian hunters must pass through the ruins of ancient Babylon, where a besieged legionary garrison is making a final stand under an insane commander. They must weather immense physical hardship and the constant threat of annihilation from Persian raiders. The book is a companion piece to Bestiarius and the first part of a series on the vast industry that lay behind the Roman games.

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