The Ancient History of the Near East


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Author  Henry R. Hall
Publisher  Lecturable
Publication Date   December 23, 2012
Pages  349


"Of all regions of the earth probably the Near East has had and will have the greatest interest for us, for from it sprang our civilization... There took place the mingling of the Indo-European from the North with the Mediterranean of the South, which produced the culture, art, and law of the Greeks and Romans; and there, on the Semitic verge of Asia, the home of religious enthusiasms from the beginning, arose the Christian faith. And if the Near East has from the first seen the mingling of the ideas of the East and West, it has also seen their secular struggle for mastery..." - Henry R. Hall

Contents: Herodotus and Modern Knowledge. The Increased Modern Knowledge of Ancient History. Archaeology and History. Classical Sources. Native Sources. Aegean Civilization. Minoan Chronology. The Early and Middle Minoan Periods. The Kingdom of Knossos and Phaistos. Crete and Greece. The Period of the Invasions. The Iron Age. The Stone Age. The Races of Egypt and the Introduction of Metal. The Kingdoms of the South and North. The Tombs of Abydos. Menes and the Ist Dynasty. The IInd and IIIrd Dynasties. The Development of Archaic Egyptian Civilization. The IVth Dynasty. The Vth Dynasty. The VIth Dynasty. The Herakleopolites (IXth Dynasty). The XIth Dynasty. The XIIth Dynasty. The Works of the XIIth Dynasty. Foreign Relations. The Nubian Wars. Amenemḥat III and the Art of the XIIth Dynasty. The XIIIth Dynasty and the Hyksos Invasion. The Civilization of the Old and Middle Kingdoms. The Sumerians. Sumerians and Semites. The First Dynasty of Babylon. The Kassites. Babylonian Civilization. The Asiatic Invasion. The Hyksos Kings. The Egyptian Kings of the South. The War of Liberation (c.1620-1573 BC). The Restoration and the Empire. The Conquest of Thothmes I and the Truce under Hatshepsut. The "Annals" of Thothmes III. The Organization of the Empire. Thothmes and his Companions. The Renown of Thothmes the Great Hymn of Victory. The Empire under Amenhetep II, Thothmes IV, and Amenhetep III. The Empire of Amenhetep III. Foreign Relations: with Mitanni and Assyria. The Assyrian and Babylonian Succession. Khatti and Alashiya.The Nubian Empire. The Reorganization. The Imperial Administration in Egypt. Rise of the Priests of Amen. The Reign of Hatshepsut. The Reign of Amenhetep the Magnificent. The Domination of Queen Tii and the Heresy of Akhenaten. The Successors of Akhenaten (c.1362-1321 BC). The XIXth Dynasty. Egypt under the Second Empire. The Folk and Land of Khatti. The Revolt of Palestine and Conquests of Shubbiluliuma. Mursil and Seti I. Rameses II and the Hittites. Assyria and Babylon in the Thirteenth Century BC The Decline of Khatti. Meneptah and Israel: the Libyan Invasion of Egypt. The Successors of Meneptah and the Reign of Rameses III. The Great Libyan and Northern Invasions of Egypt. Assyria and Babylonia (1250-1100 BC). The Decadence of the Egyptian Empire. Philistines, Hebrews, and Aramaeans. The Hyksos, the Khabiri, and the Hebrews. The Hebrew Conquest of Palestine. Israel and the Philistines. The Kingdom of Israel. The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Egypt and Palestine (1000-854 BC). Archaeological Results in Palestine. Renewed Rise of Assyria: the Reign of Ashur-naṣir-pal. Reign of Shalmaneser II. Adad-nirari III and his successors. Assyria and Urartu (Van). Assyrian Decline and Revival of Babylonia. Tiglath-pileser IV and the Revival of Assyria. Shalmaneser IV: Assyria and Egypt. The Reign of Sargon (722-705). Mita of Mushki: the Midas-kings of Phrygia. The Reign of Sennacherib (705-682). 11. The Reign of Esarhaddon (681-669). The Reign of Ashurbanipal (669-626). The Destruction of Nineveh. Babylon and Egypt. The Medes and Persians. The Conquests of Cyrus. Cambyses in Egypt. The False Smerdis and the Reign of Darius. Greece and Persia.

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