Early Humans


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Author  Eugene Lieber
Publisher  IAB Inc
Publication Date   October 18, 2017


Early Humans The Human Factors: Origins. Homo Erectus. Homo Sapiens. Cro-Magnon. Abstract thinking. Tool making. Race. Ages of Humans: Paleolithic Age Old Stone Age. Discovery of fire. Beginning control of nature. Gender. Creativity. Neolithic Age . New Stone Age: The invention of agriculture by women. Domestication of animals as work animals. The uses of wind.. The invention of the wheel.. The invention of pottery. The invention of the plow. The Bronze Age: Beginnings of Civilization. Food surplus and division of labor. Travel and trade. Class and slavery. The replacement of matriarchal society. Upper class versus lower class. Human Genius: Cave paintings Pyramids in Egypt . Stonehenge in Southeast England. Egyptian mummification. Egyptian brain surgery. The knowledge of pi. Written language. Iron ore. The Phoenician alphabet. The Assyrian aqueduct . Religion. Technology. Selected theme: How does the invention of the plow result in men displacing women in agriculture, transforming a matriarchal society into a patriarchal one?

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