Rome and the Barbarians

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Author  Jean-Jacques Aillagon
Publisher  Skira
Publication Date   September 9, 2008
Pages  700

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It is now a well-recognized fact that during the Roman Empire, tens of millions of Germans crossed its border. Germanic mercenaries served loyally under Julius Caesar, first as auxiliaries, later as legionaries, while some reached important military ranks. Today it is accepted that without the contribution of the Germans, it would have been difficult for the Roman Empire to last as long as it did. But how did Rome repay the northern barbarians for their almost total availability? This scholarly and accessible volume attempts to provide an answer to this historical puzzle. This beautiful book opens with a highly useful geo-historical atlas and an important introductory essay by Jean-Jacques Aillagon. Divided chronologically in seven sections, the book presents wide-ranging dossiers illustrating and commenting on authentic archaeological treasures—ranging from monumental funerary sculpture to intimate pieces of jewelry—from prestigious museums throughout the world. Rome and the Barbarians is the catalog for the major exhibition at Venice Palazzo Grassi, from January 26th to July 20th, 2008.

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