Nibiru will return and we know when!


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Author  Ad Roest
Publisher  Ad Roest
Publication Date   January 18, 2014
Pages  94


What do we really know about our past? When and why did ancient civilizations disappear? Who built the pyramids? Will Noah’s flood ever return? When will be the end of days? This book answers these questions and many more.
All over the world we find evidence for the existence of a lost, but highly developed civilization. However, archaeologists deny these facts. Legends tell us about natural disasters caused by a planet or a dragon that flew close by the earth. Astronomers deny the existence of such a planet.
But that planet exists. It is seen. There are images of that planet. Worldwide we find the same symbol that refers to that planet. Legends, myths and the Bible tell us about the recurring disasters caused by that planet called Nibiru.
New evidence, that supports this theory, is found in America and all over the world. Much of it has never been discovered before. And recently, astronomers confirmed the existence of a ninth, but yet invisible planet in our solar system.
When will Nibiru return? In this book you find the unique Nibiru Cycle Chart, a timeline that shows when Nibiru crossed our solar system and when it will return! This is the pattern of our past and future. Now we can understand when a Previous Civilization existed, that may have left behind important information for us.
We need to know the whole truth about our history, although it is unpleasant.
This book contains many illustrations and links to relevant websites.
This is a solid investigation. The truth about our past, has never been so clear.

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