Mystery Cults in Late Antiquity


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Publisher  Ares Publications
Publication Date   October 18, 1995
Pages  264



Platonism, Paganism, and Judaism: Borrowings and Evolutions by John F. Finamore
Astrology and Judaism in Late Antiquity by Lester J. Ness
Judaism as Theurgy in the Religious Thought og the Emeror Julian by Jay Bregman
Arcana Mundi: Prophecy and Divination in the Vita Mosis of Philo of Alexandria by Robert M. Berchman
Mediators of the Divine by Christopher G. Brown
Women, Dogs, and Flies by Susan Guettel Cole
The Magic Properties of Female Age-groups in Greek Ritual by Noel Robertson
Love, War and the Goddess in Fifth-Century Locri
Sappho, Aphrodite, and the Muses by Emmet Robbins
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