A Student's Guide to the Second Punic Wars...


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Author  Peter Keating
Publication Date   November 17, 2012
Pages  114


A Student's Guide to the Second Punic Wars at Advance Level is a text intended to describe the events of the second war between Rome and Carthage. The text provides and unbiased and student-friendly style to cover the rise of Hannibal and his attacks on Rome and the eventual second defeat of Carthage.
Drawing from sources such as Livy and Polybius, this guide goes into details on the political and tactical methods that enabled the threat of Hannibal to reach the gates of Rome, but then switched to cause the defeat of Hannibal and Carthage by the Scipio family.
This guide is based for students studying the Punic Wars at an Advance Level and includes a brief introduction describing the First Punic Wars and maps of the areas affected. It charts the various relationships with other nations involved during the war and the many influences that became the catalyst to Carthage's second defeat.

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