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Publication Date   November 16, 2012


Olympias (the mother of Alexander the Great) married Philip II of Macedonia (the father of Alexander the Great) in 359 before Christ. They meet each other on the island of Samothrace in the « initiation into the mysteries of the Great Gods » of Olympias. Olympias was a priestess of Zeus before marrying Philip. Alexander the Great born of their union in 356 before Christ, but it quickly becomes a disharmonious marriage because of repeated infidelities of Philip and his ambitious, domineering and ruthless character of Olympias. Philip is one of the three king’s son of Amyntas the 3rd and Eurydice. In 368 before Christ, aged of 14, he was sent as a hostage in Thebes. Well treated, he learned the art of war by observing Epaminondas. He remained there until the age of 17, so until 365 before Christ. Back in Macedonia, he took the power after the death of his brother Perdiccas the 3rd in 359 before Christ. When we think of the name of Philip, it was immediately and obviously the image of a drunken, a violent and a rude person. From the unhappy childhood of Philip, Philip drew a mental strength which has been necessary for its future role as head of state. Macedonia was a country of peasants threatened by their neighboring Greeks, Thracians, etc. It will make Macedonia a nation of warriors who will dominate all the Greek states.

But what would do Alexander the Great during his life ? You will know it by reading this work made by Melvin CAMPOS CASARES and corrected by a professor of history (Mr Hourmann).

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