Where Was the "Land" of Succoth?


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Author  John Keyser
Publisher  Hope of Israel Ministries
Publication Date   November 10, 2012
Pages  25


Most, if not all, Egyptologists and historians place the Succoth of the Bible within Egypt proper -- based mainly on the assumption that the sea the Israelites crossed was the Gulf of Suez. But is this true? The Bible itself indicates that Succoth was outside of Egypt -- see Exodus 12:37 and 41. There is, for the discerning scholar, a multitude of evidence to show that the Sinai peninsula was the 8th nome of Egypt and called by the Egyptians "Thuku" or "Thuket" -- the Egyptian wording for "Succoth." After camping for almost a week in "Succoth," the Israelites traveled on to the western shore of the Gulf of Aqaba, to the eastern entrance of the 8th nome. Here the other place names, such as Pihahiroth, Etham and Pithom can be found by those with the eyes to see.

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