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Author  Maximillien de Lafayette
Publisher  Times Square Press. New York. Berlin. Paris
Publication Date   November 8, 2012


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From the Table of Contents
•Creation of the Armenian Mesropian Alphabet
•History & development of Armenian iconography
•Iconography as a teaching tool of the Armenian Church
•Medieval icons in Illuminated Manuscripts, before Roslin’s time
•Icons in the Illuminated Manuscripts from the 4 th century- 7th centuries; the classical period
•Icons from the 9th-11th centuries. the Bagratid period
•The Zak’arid period
•Canon Table by Hovhannes,
•Paintings of Grigor Tatevatsi
•Styles & genres of the early Armenian icons & religious manuscripts painting
•Revisiting the early times of Armenian art
•Manuscripts as source of information
•The Oriental Style of iconography

•Evangelists’ Manuscripts Paintings
•Contradictory religious and artistic representations of religious themes
•A psychological analysis of the symbols of the Armenian manuscripts
•Is there any intellectualism or intelligent psychological manifestation in the early Armenian manuscripts painting?
•A psychological analysis of symbolism in the art of manuscripts painting
•Stars as symbol of the Church, in early Christianity
•The Cilician style: Origin, source, development
•The influence of Byzantine, Persian, Russian & European styles
•Entering the 13th century with Toros Roslin
•Entering the 14th century and the end of a golden era
•Disastrous fall & the end of the great Cilician art
•Symbolism in Armenian iconography
•Why do we see pagan signs, bestial symbols & animals in Armenian religious iconography?
•Armenia & the Mesopotamian Tree of Life
•Armenian Tree of Life in Urartu, 1200 B.C.
•Animal symbolism & religious interpretation
•by the early Armenian church; the lamb, the griffin, the dove
•The Katchkars
•Art, Metaphysics: Healing Power of Armenian religious art
•The sacred stone carved crosses & holy ethnic art
•Armenian Obelisk
•Vishapakar, "Dragon Stone," ca. 1200 B.C.
•The supernatural powers of the blessed iron chandelier under the dome of Guyaneh Church

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•3-Sacred art of Armenia: Katchkars, Iconography & Illuminated Manuscripts
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