The Kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah


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Author  Eros
Publisher  Bedtime Publishing
Publication Date   December 6, 2013
Pages  276


God is most merciful, and He always sends a warning. Abraham pleads for everyone to listen to his Lord, the true King of Kings.
In the cities where anything goes, the royal families rule Sodom and Gomorrah with an iron fist. Not only do the cities compete against each other with games to the death, but each one of the royal family members has their own unique sexual need that must be fulfilled at any cost. Sodom and Gomorrah are two cities where kidnapping, rape, wild orgies, homosexual acts and murders are a way of life, but it does help to be king.
King Bera of Sodom rules mercilessly, and no one dares defy him, except his evil twin sons who are plotting to kill him to take over his throne.
Queen Yaminah shouts, “Long live the king!” and she wants everyone to know that behind every ruling king stands a ruling queen. If the king is considered the head of the kingdom, then surely the queen is the neck, and she will turn the head any which way she pleases. Hell hath no fury like the Queen of Sodom.
Meanwhile, the cunning King Birsha of Gomorrah wishes to deflower his own daughter, Princess Sabina, whose beauty is so captivating that she renders both men and women speechless. King Birsha wants revenge against his first-born and the queen for their disloyalty and disrespect towards him.

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