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Author  Dave Chetcuti
Publication Date   October 12, 2012
Pages  29


Apology is an incredible piece of historical literature that has influenced countless leaders, including Mohandas Gandhi. Originally written by Plato in approximately 400BC, Plato is replicating the defense of his mentor, Socrates, who was on trial for the charges of corrupting the young and for not believing in the gods for whom the State believed in.

For the most part, the essay is written as a first-person monologue, as if Socrates were speaking it himself; but occasionally the essay dips into a dialogue between Socrates and his accusers.

The essay, originally written in ancient Greek was translated into English by Benjamin Jowett. That version, however, is almost impossible to understand without stopping every sentence or two to look up word definitions, research metaphors or rearrange sentence structures to make sense of it all. So I have translated Jowett’s version into modern English to make it easier to understand and more accessible to the masses.

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