Hidden Luxor


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Author  Jane Akshar
Publication Date   October 10, 2012
Pages  186


The 2nd edition (2017) is updated with the new sites that have opened since 2011 like the Roman temple of Deir el Shelwit and the many new tombs, including those at Qurnet Murrai. However the major addition is the result of Jane’s increasing lack of mobility, tips for the disabled. She has visited all the sites on her mobility scooter and gives the mobility impaired visitor an insight what is possible and what is not. The foreword by Paralympian Dan Highcock says “….2nd edition is absolutely fantastic in my eyes…….. it makes me want to book some flights to Egypt right now!”. There is even a section on tips for the visually impaired.

Want to get more out of your Egyptian holiday or Nile cruise then you need this guide to Luxor. You have done the Karnak, Valley of Kings, Valley of Queens & temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri and you have another week, what is there to see in Luxor? Jane takes you to her Hidden Luxor, all the place you didn’t know existed. Tombs and temples no one goes to. The temple of Karnak is the largest religious site in the world and now you can explore it all. The White Chapel of Senusret I in the Open Air Museum is the most beautiful object in Egypt, easily rivalling the tomb of Seti I or Nefertari. Want to know where to find it and others like the Botanical Room or tombs of the Nobles like Senenmut or Ramose where you can see decoration done during the reign of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton removed by the vengeful priests of Amun. Explore the battles of Ramses the Great at the Ramasseum site of the famous Shelly poem about Ramses II.

Jane helps you enjoy ALL Luxor has to offer.

Jane Akshar is a resident of Luxor, Egypt. A lover of Egyptology since early childhood she moved to Egypt in 2003 and runs tourist apartments.

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