The Roman Empire, 29 BC-476 AD


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Author  H. Stuart Jones
Publisher  Lecturable
Publication Date   October 10, 2012
Pages  179


On the thirteenth of August, B.C. 29, and the two following days, almost two years after the victory of Actium, Augustus celebrated the triple triumph which proclaimed the subjection of three continents. On the first day a train of Gallic and Illyrian captives marched behind the conqueror; on the second the beaks of Antony's ships were borne in procession, and some Asiatic potentates who had been his allies were led in golden chains; the climax was reached in the African triumph, graced by Cleopatra's two children – the last of the Ptolemies – and the priceless spoils of Egypt...

Contents: I. Augustus. II. The Julio-Claudian Dynasty. III. The Year of Four Emperors. IV. The Flavian Dynasty. V. Nerva, Trajan, and Hadrian. VI. The Age of the Antonines. VII. The Dynasty of the Severi. VIII. The Disintegration of the Empire. IX. The Restoration of Imperial Unity. X. Diocletian and Constantine. XI. Epilogue

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