Akhenaten - One of the Many Books of Hermes...


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Author  Karin Hannah
Publisher  Xlibris
Publication Date   September 29, 2012
Pages  454


In The Pilgrimage Ambrose succinctly informs us of what occurred within the vast time period leading up to Akhenaten’s time and thereafter it is the two soul aspects of Meritaten/Tutankhaten (Tutankhamun) who tell the story. And though a great deal of tragedy is eventually woven into the fine cloth of these remaining two accounts, there is also lovingly and faithfully worked throughout the weave a more than equal amount of the golden threads of familial love and humour, the simple joy of each other’s company, culture and mutual love of their people. Each completing their individual labour of love and cathartic healing with a most positive and decidedly shining, well finished trim of continuance and hope.

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