The Mayan Astrology Handbook


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Author  Abby Haydon
Publication Date   October 5, 2012
Pages  264


The Mayan Astrology Handbook takes the knowledge created by the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica, namely the Toltecs, Aztecs and Mayas, and presents it in an easy to use system. The book will give you a complete understanding of how this simple yet profound astrology system works. Mayan astrology helps us harmonize with natural cycles and the energy that comes from the center of our galaxy.

The Mayan Astrology Handbook starts by describing the 20 Mayan astrology signs or day signs. This correlates to the sun signs in Western astrology. Then the book talks about the numbers that are part of the system. These correspond to the influence of the moon in Western astrology. The next influence is the ruler of the Mayan week into which you were born. This can be compared to the rising sign. I give a short description of all 260 day signs that includes a bit about famous people born into each sign. Then comes the concept of the directions. Each day sign is ruled by a direction: North, South, East, or West. The nature of the directions cause harmonious or challenging interaction with each day sign and create a compatibility factor of this system.
The book also offers a three step method for attuning to the Mayan astrology system. You can go from learning your day sign and number to following along with the direction and energy of each day to doing ceremony to welcome in each Mayan...

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