Discovering Iberia


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Author  Ronald Pilkington
Publisher  Ronald Pilkington
Publication Date   October 3, 2012
Pages  199


Much has been written about the last five hundred years or so of Spanish history - from the so-called ‘Golden Age’ to the Civil War and the subsequent restoration of democracy. But what of the events that occurred long before the country we now call Spain came into existence? What was the country known to the Ancient Greeks as Iberia really like? Who were its earliest inhabitants, where did they come from and what was their legacy? Shrouded in the mists of remoter times, the answers to these fascinating questions are not so readily available to the English-speaking reader.
Endeavouring to remedy this situation, Ronald Pilkington has produced a collection of short sketches tracing the key events of Spanish prehistory and early history, from the birth of the Iberian Peninsula to the fall of the Roman Empire
Discovering Iberia sets out to tell something of the different peoples who inhabited this mysterious world and helped to form the country we know today – the hunter-gatherers and metallurgists, farmers and herdsmen, traders and conquerors, emperors and scholars, saints and sinners – and something of their exploits, their creations, their ideas, their triumphs and disasters.
This absorbing book about Spain’s beginnings will be enjoyed by anyone interested in delving further into Spain’s dim and distant past.

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