Chronicles Concerning Early Babylonian Kings...


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Author  Unknown Author
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   August 24, 2012
Pages  214

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In this volume are published a number of Babylonian chronicles and other documents of a similar character, which are discussed in the series of introductory chapters forming the first volume of the work. The texts, which are here published for the first time, are preserved in the British Museum, and may be briefly enumerated. They consist of (i) A chronicle concerning Sargon and Naram-S in, and other early Babylonian and Assyrian rulers. This chronicle contains part of the original composition from which the historical portions of the Omens of Sargon and Naram-S in were derived; it also furnishes a synchronism in early Babylonian and Assyrian history, which affects the arrangement of the chronology of both countries. (2) A chronicle concerning early Babylonian and Assyrian rulers, which forms a continuation of that concerning Sargon and Naram-S in. It repeats the story of Ura-imitti and Bel-ibni, which has survived, with certain differences of name, in the history of A gathias ;and it supplies in the form of synchronisms some valuable material for settling the chronology of the earlier Babylonian
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