Chronicles Concerning Early Babylonian Kings...


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Author  Unknown Author
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   August 24, 2012
Pages  276

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The present volume is concerned with the discussion of the new historical information supplied by the chronicles which are published and translated in the second volume of this work. The texts here published and discussed for the first time include two Chronicles concerning early Babylonian kings ;a new Babylonian Chronicle of events ranging from the eleventh to the seventh century B.C. ;a Religious Chronicle referring to the eleventh century B.C. ;a new Date-L ist of the kings of the First Dynasty of Babylon ;and part of a Neo-B abylonian version of the Omens of Sargon and Naram-S in. With one exception, the tablets from which the texts are taken date from the late Babylonian period, but they incorporate traditions referring to some of the earliest kings of Babylonia and A ssyria. Much of the new information afforded by the Chronicles concerning early kings is given in the form of synchronisms, in which well-known names are found in unfamiliar combinations, and these will oblige us to revise some of our conceptions of early Babylonian and Assyrian
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