The Josephus Anthology


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Author  Titus Flavius Josephus
Publication Date   September 10, 2012
Pages  1680


Titus Flavius Josephus, also called Joseph ben Matityahu, was a 1st-century Romano-Jewish historian who was born in Jerusalem - then part of Roman Judea - to a father of priestly descent.

Having initially fought against the Romans during the first Jewish-Roman war, as the head of Jewish forces in Galilee, in 67AD Josephus surrendered to Roman forces led by Vespasian.

Josephus then fully defected to the Roman side, and was granted Roman citizenship, becoming a friend and advisor to Vespasian's son - the Future Emperor - Titus.

Considered a traitor by most Jews, Flavius Josephus nonetheless assiduously recorded Jewish History, with special emphasis on the 1st century AD and the First Jewish-Roman War.

This unexpurgated anthology has been compiled by and optimised for e-readers. It includes an active table of contents for ease of navigation, and features unique illustrations as frontispieces for the individual books in the anthology.

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