The Bible History Israel An Judah from the Decline...


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Author  Alfred Edersheim M. A. D. D. Phd
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   August 20, 2012
Pages  264

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The volume herewith introduced to the reader brings, according to the original plan of the series, this Bible History to a close. This circumstance naturally suggests a retrospect, however brief. In the Prefaces to preceding volumes, the chief characteristics of each period were successively sketched, and the questions indicated to which they gave rise, as well as the special points in respect of which the treatment of one part of this History differed from another. The period over which the present volume extends that from the decline to the fall of the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel can scarcely be said to have any distinguishing features of its own. It is the natural outcome and the logical conclusion of the history which had preceded. It means that this History, as presented in Holy Scripture, is one and consistent in all its parts ;or, to put it otherwise, that what God had from the first said and done with reference to Israel was true. Thus, as always, even the judgments of God point to His larger mercies. In two respects, however, this period differs from the others, and its history required a somewhat different treatment.
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