Journey To Delphi


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Author  Frank D. Iannella
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   August 22, 2012
Pages  368


An astonishing adventure awaits young Damian in sixth century BCE Greece as he begins a perilous odyssey filled with betrayal, deceit and treachery. It was a time filled with contradictions turmoil and cruelty. It was also a time which laid the foundation for one of the greatest cultural flowering the world has ever seen. Great practical advances in mathematics were made, particularly in engineering and construction yet numbers seemed to have mystical and magical properties that could help the initiates of mystery schools and cults be elevated to higher levels of consciousness. Myths and legends blended with everyday life. Dionysus roamed the forest while his tomb lay in the Temple of Apollo. A golden statue of a wolf was given a place of honor in this same temple while in another city-state, a statue was found guilty of causing a man’s death when he fell off his horse. The statue was sentenced to be drowned. Into this world steps Damian, trying to make sense of all his experiences and encounters while he searches for his destiny. Beautifully written and enthrallingly told, Journey to Delphi is both a profoundly personal and exciting coming of age story of a youth and a society in flux.

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