Classical Philology, Vol. 12


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Author  University of Chicago Press University of Chicago Press
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  462

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Classical hilology Vowua XII january 1917 Num; 1 NOTES ON THE DELPHIC ORACLE AND GREEK COLONIZATION Br A rrrnua Sfraxmr Pmasm Near the beginning of Ciceros treatise On Divination, to illustrate the importance attached by dilferent races to various kinds of prophetic power the question is asked? What colony has Greece sent into Aeolia, Ionia, Asia, Sicily, or Italy without an oracle from the Pythia or Dodona or Ammon? Or what war has been undertaken by Greece without the will of the gods? 1 With this general testimony of Oicero we may compare harmonious statements from other authors? It was under the lead of Phoebus, says Callimachus, at that men measured out their cities, for Phoebus ever takes pleasure in the establishment of cities, and it is Phoebus himself who contrives their foundations! And the rhetorician Menander asserts that Apollo had colonized the mainland, the sea, Libya, the Hellespont, the East, and all A sia, and says that the earth would have run the risk of being uninhabited had not the oracles of the gods everywhere De div. 1. 3. For the form of expression compare Cio. Do rep. 2. 9? Coloniarum vero quae est deducta a Grain in Asiam, Thracam, Italiam, Africam, praeter unam Magnesiam, quam unda non adluat? In A poll. 55E; cf. Justin. 8. 2. 11 (of the Athenians): immemores . quod illo duoe so. A polline tot bella victores inierant, tot urbes auspioato oondiderant.

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