The Divine Law As to Wines


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Author  G. W. Samson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  328

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If the writer of the following treatise may judge from his own experience, the title-page of this volume will be met with both a pre-judgment and a prejudice. That pre-judgment will appear in the inquiry: Has not advanced scholarship decided that there can be no unfermented wine? That prejudice will reveal itself in the question: If Divine law has appointed the use of unintoxicating wines, why has not the law of their preparation been sooner brought out? It the prejudice be groundless, the pre-judgment may permit an impartial meeting of writer and reader. Ruling minds in Europe and America are now agreed that stable and efficient government must be constitutional that servitude must be but minorage guardianship and that religious worship must be free. Thorough scholarship now finds that each of these modern reforms was embodied both in theory and practice in Hebrew, Grecian and Roman constitutions and that they are ever traceable in the connections of ancient literature. A clear and full understanding of the actual statements of ancient writers is attained only by the conspiring of two cooperating causes first, an imperative popular demand which gives a clear eye second, a comprehensive survey which gives a full view. About the Publisher Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology. Forgotten Books Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately preserve the original format of each page whilst digitally enhancing the aged text. Read books online for free at

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