The Crocodile That Wasn't - An eye-witness account...


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Author  Peter Hancock
Publication Date   September 4, 2012
Pages  62


Thousands of years ago something momentous happened on the south-west coast of Australia - something so important that the Aboriginal people preserved it in a traditional Dreaming story and named landmarks around the mouth of the Swan River as a vast natural monument to it. Research by journalist and historian Peter Hancock reveals that hidden behind the folklore is an eyewitness account of an encounter with one of prehistory's most fearsome monsters - a gigantic carnivorous lizard called megalania that once roamed Australia and shared the bush with Aboriginal people. His investigations also bring another important prehistoric event to light - the coming of the dingo to south-west Australia. This book takes the reader on a fascinating journey of discovery into the distant past, unveiling an important piece of prehistory preserved in Aboriginal oral traditions. As featured on The History Channel's 'Monster Quest' series.

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