Sword of Rome


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Author  Richard Foreman
Publisher  Endeavour Press Ltd.
Publication Date   January 6, 2014
Pages  56


Britain, 55 BC.

Julius Caesar’s invasion of the wild and mineral-rich land is becalmed, a stalemate exists between the forces of Rome and Britain. But the standard bearer of the Tenth Legion, Lucius Oppius, is about to display a depth of courage that will change the course of the invasion – and history.

Encamped upon the south coast Caesar, admiring the courage and skill of his standard bearer, orders Oppius to accompany a native British archer and go behind enemy lines. His mission is to hunt down a treacherous Roman agent, who is recruiting Britons to fight against the armies of Rome in Gaul.

Yet not all is what it seems and Oppius will fight for his life, as well as for Caesar and the glory of Rome, to complete his mission and find his way back home.

Sword of Rome: Standard Bearer brings together history and action and adventure in a story which will appeal to fans of both Simon Scarrow and Bernard Cornwell.

Sword of Rome: Standard Bearer is the first book in a series of novellas featuring Lucius Oppius and the campaigns of Julius Caesar.

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Richard Foreman is the author of numerous bestselling kindle books, including Augustus: Son of Rome and the Raffles series of historical crime novellas. He is also the author of A Hero of Our Time, a literary novel set during the end of the Second World War. He lives in London.

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