The Roman History of Ammianus Marcellinus... (Book published


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Author  Ammianus Marcellinus
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 29, 2012
Pages  670

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Uh the STANDARD LIXB.A.K, price as., excepting those marled otherwise. 1. STAUNTONS CHESS PLAYERS HAND-BOOK, with Diagrams. 2. LECTURES ON PAINTING, by THK ROYAL ACADEMICIANS. 3. 4, 8, 15, 50. HUMSOLDT SCOSMOS; or, Sketch of a Physical Description of the Universe. Translated, with Notes, by E. C. OTTE. In 5V ols., with Portrait. This Translation is more complete than any other. The Notes are placed bcneatli the text. Humboldl sanalytical summaries, and the passages S$K hitherto suppressed, are included; and comprehensive indices subjoined. Vol. 1-1, at 3. Gd.; Vol.5, 6. 5. STAUNTONS CHESS PLAYERS COMPANION, comprising a New Treatise (O dds, a Collection of Match Games, Original Problems, c. 6. HAND-BOOK OF GAMES, by VARIOUS AMATEURS and PROFESSORS 7. HUMBOLDTS VIEWS OF NATURE, with coloured view of Chimboraxo, 4-c. 9. RICHARDSONS GEOLOGY, AND PALEONTOLOGY, Revised by Dr. WRIGHT, gX -with upwards 0400 illustrations on Wood. y10. STOCKHARDT SPRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY, Exemplified in Simple Expe rimcnts, with upwards 0270 I llustrations. 11. DR. G. A. MANTELLS PETRIFACTIONS AND THEIR TEACHINGS; A jp Voil Uand-B uokto the Fossils in the British Museum. Beautiful Wood Engravings. Gs. gM ,12. AGASSIZ AND GOULDS COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY. New and Enlarged Cgo Edition, v:itk ntti-ly -t()0 I llustrations. %i13. 19, fc 28. HUMBOLDTS PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF HIS TRAVELS IN AMERICA. With General I ndex. 14. PYE SMITHS GEOLOGY AND SCRIPTURE. Fifth Edition, with Memoir. 16. OERSTEDS SOUL IN NATURE, c. Port-rail. i v17. STAUNTONS CHESS TOURNAMENT, with Diagrams. 13 20. BRIDGEWATER TREATISES. KIHBY on the History, Habits end 5v Instincts ot Animals ;E dited bv T. RYMKR JO.MCS. In 2V ols. Many Illustration 21. BRIDGEWATER TREATISES. KIDB On the Adaptation of ExteriuU Nature to the Physical Condition of Man. Si. G1. 22. BRIDGEWATER TREATISES. WHKWKLIS Astronomy and General Phvsics co
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