The Untold Story of The Prophet Moses


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Author  mazin elodat
Publisher  mazin elodat
Publication Date   August 19, 2012
Pages  24


I live in the Holy land Jordan where the prophet Moses is buried. I have spent over 4 months until i gathered all this information about our beloved prophet Moses. This book is by far the best book concerning the prophet Moses.I mention here the untold aspects of the life of the prophet Moses and the things that many people do not know about Moses and the Israelites.The prophecy of israel that they have been waiting for and the past,present and future events of the people of israel with Moses. This book does not contradict any certain religion and is based on historical facts,sources from well known scholars as well as sources from the three books :the Old testament the torah, the New testament the Bible, and the Holy Quran. I hope you enjoy this history book and appreciate it for its true meaning for we mention only facts about the prophet Moses that no one thought about before.

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