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Author  George Thomas
Publication Date   August 16, 2012
Pages  26


This book is a companion book to the video series DEATH OF A NATION. It is a book which will, in essence, attempt to determine exactly what the reason is that the United States of North America is, and has always been, divided in half politically. The book will explore the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic based differences between the North, and South, and will trace these origins back to the English, the Angles, the Saxons, the Jutes, the Romans, and the Russian Slavs of ancient Europe and Briton. It will explore the Celtic ideas of Freedom and Independence, and how New England eventually reneged on their end of the compact of Union, and became the Federal Empire of North America.

The United States of North America was originally formed by a group of white men known as the founding fathers. They created a document that they called the Constitution of the United States which would be known as the supreme law of the land. It was a document that was designed to limit the power of the United States in its dealings with these former colonies, and especially with any of the individuals from each of these states.

From the book:

Anglo-centric historians and modern day 'official' Civil War historians deny that there is any connection between the Anglo-Saxon totalitarian ideologies, which are in lock-step with the values of the Blue State Northern-based socialists (or, more to the point, the Northern 'yankees' of the 1860's)... and the Celtic chivalry, screaming when going into battle, and generous hospitality of the Southern Confederates during the American Civil War. But even though there is enough actual matching evidence upon either side to make an argument for these two distinctions, a great controversy is continually waged over this ideology. The Lincolns, for example, were actually from seven generations of Massachusetts socialists, and Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis were both exceedingly Welsh. This trend tends to follow the tone for the two sides, politically, of the white man's government in North American.
It is interesting to note that these same Anglo-centric and pro-socialist historians of the American Civil War are in virtual agreement with themselves that there is no Northern Anglo-Saxon tendency, nor any Southern Caucasian-Celtic phenomenon extant between the two combatants of that war, while the more Libertarian Conservative historians tend to believe that such a division may indeed be present, and usually cite examples of such a thing to prove their point. It is also interesting to note that the historians are just as politically-based - just like the two combatant armies of whom they write, and that there does not seem to be any such thing as an American Civil War historian who is not partial to one side or the other in his analysis.

But, indeed, if the two sides are not strictly genealogically-based as Anglo-Saxon and Celtic in their divisions, that is most certainly the way it tends to work out, in practice. And an even better theory states that the fact that there is a majority of Anglo-Saxon and Germanic dominance at the North makes them more socialist, more totalitarianly-efficient, and more overweeningly ambitious in their beliefs and actions than those of the South, who are mostly of a Celtic and country English sort of laid-back quality-over-quantity leisure class indolence. Many a transplanted Northerner has developed 'a song in his voice' by simply living in the South for awhile, and the first people to notice this, upon his return visit back up North, were his original Northern neighbors.

The point that we make from this is simple; the two divisions of these North American white men are, and have always been, two separate races and they have, at times, desired two separate countries based exclusively upon these differences coming to the surface during their interactions with one another.

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