Lares and Penates


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Author  William Burckhardt Barker
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 7, 2012
Pages  422

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Majesty s Consul-G eneral in Egypt. Here he remained till 1834, when he became entitled to his retirement from public service. He then fixed his residence in the beautiful valley of Suedia, ancient Seleucia Pieria, on the banks of the Orontes, and about fifteen miles from A ntioch. Here he built a commodious house, and planted his grounds with the choicest flowers, shrubs, and fruit-trees of Europe and A sia. At a subsequent period he added to this general residence a summer-house at the village of Betias, on a commanding eminence of Mount Rhosus, where there was an abundant supply of water, the air was always refreshing and cool, and the prospect magnificent; and here his mortal remains were consigned to the tomb. The presence of an Englishman of a liberal and benevolent mind had a great influence upon the native population, who looked up to him and his family with sentiments of love and respect. This feeling was shared as well by the Muhammadan inhabitants as by the Christian. His services to Eastern travellers have in numberless instances been called into action, and have been gratefully recorded in many published works of those who partook of his hospitality. Mr. Barker sfamily came from Bakewell, in Derbyshire, where they have long been established. He married Miss Hays at Aleppo in 1800, who survives him. This ladys mother was a daughter of Mr. Thomas Vernon, a Levant merchant of A leppo, when that city was the grand emporium of the commerce of I ndia. He was of the family of the Vernons of Hilton, in Cheshire, and a near kinsman of Admiral Sir Edward Vernon, of Porto Bello celebrity. By this lady, who was a remarkable linguist, for it is stated she spoke five languages fluently when only six years old, Mr. Barker had three sons and two daughters, all of whom possessed a great facility for acquiring languages, and became proficient Orientalists. Mr. Ba
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