The Historic Muse of Mount Macgregor, One...


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Author  Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  46

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Mount Mac Gregor Leave me to gaze at the landscape, Mistily stretching away, Vv hen the afternoons opaline tremors Oer the mountains quivering play Till the fiercer splendor of sunset I ours from the west its fire. A nd, melted as in a crucible, Their earthly forms expire. IF. W. Story. I. MOUNT MAC GREGOR is one of the peaks of an Adirondack range of the old Laurentian mountain system. It is situated in a sharp bend of the Hudson river, about ten miles to the north of the village of Saratoga Springs. It rises to the height of nearly thirteen hundred feet above the level of the sea and is the highest peak south of the Hudson of the Palmertown range of the A dirondacks. On the Atlantic slope of the North American continent two vast mountain systems lie contiguous the Appalachian to the east and south and the Canadian Laurentian to the north. These two mountain systems differ radically both as to form and (reolo ric structure.
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