Narrative of a Tour Through Armenia, Kurdistan...


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Author  Horatio Southgate
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  362

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Tebriz, farther than to say, that the dispute itself is an evidence of its great antiquity. The opinion of the old travellers, that it is the ancient Ecbatana, the capital of the Medes, is now generally abandoned. It is pretty clear, however, that it received its present name as late as a. d. 750, and that it was given to it on account of the salubrity of its climate, the name signifying fever-dissipating, a commendation which it certainly deserves, if its tendencies in this respect are compared with those of Tehran, the present capital of the country. The inhabitants still extol its healthiness, and, I believe, with good reason. vol. n.
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