Narrative of a Residence in Koordistan


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Author  Cladius James Rich
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  458

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Cx THE MAPS. With respect to the Maps which accompany this Work, it has been considered necessary to give a brief description of their construction. In the Map of Koordistan and the adjacent countries, the hne of routes and all the detail A vere protracted, in the first instance, by Mr. Rich, from his bearings and distances ;after which a considerable number of observations for latitude and longitude were put into our hands ;having compared the differences of latitude that were determined by observation, with those which were protracted by Mr. Rich, they coincided with remarkable accuracy; and therefore required very little correction to adjust the positions by the observed latitudes. With respect to the longitudes, we have placed Sulimania in 45 27 45 ,by mean of a great number of eclipses of Jupiter ssatellites. We have selected this position in reference, because Mr. Rich made a great many more observations at Sulimania than at any other place in Koordistan ;it was likewise the connecting )oint from which his routes either began or terminated. The differences of latitude by Mr. Rich ssurvey, having agreed so nearly with his observed latitudes, we have not hesitated to adopt his differences of longitude by his survey, in preference to those by celestial observation which he made in the course of his journey, because, in short distances, it is almost impossible to determine the difference of longitude with any degree of accuracy, by one or two observations. In (he small general Map, the position of Mousul and Sulimania are taken from that of Koordistan.
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