Early History of West Baden and French Lick Springs...


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Author  A. J. Rhodes
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  54

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In presenting tliis little volume to the reader the author hopes to meet a U)ng felt want. For nian- years visitors by the hundreds arrive at this place every season, and the sublime scenery and the abundant flow of this lifegiving water enchant them until business cares are all banished and rest of mind and body are made possible. To prevent the trouble that results from reaction that necessarily follows as the novelty loses its charm, I present this little book, believing that in it the viito will tind new and wider iields of thought. And that it perusal will open the eyes of the visitor to vrider visions until this whole valley will become equally intereting. The history and story is all founded on facts, and it has been my effort to present in a small volume the niot importa.nt facts and events that have occurred in the evidution that lifted this region from heathenism and the savagery of the aboriginal race to its present high state of moral and intellectual grandeur. Less than twenty ye; -rago the vi:-itor mer here some of the men who built the iirst cabinand lived on the wild game so abundant at that time. Not one of these grand old men remain to interest the visitor. Trusting that this small book may in part supply the deficiency, and entertain my readers, I present it to a generous public. A ugust, 1904. A. J. Rhodes.
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