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Author  George Adam Smith
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 12, 2012
Pages  552

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In the Historical Geography of the Holy Land it was not possible, for reasons of space, to include a topography of Jerusalem, an appreciation of her material resources, or a full study of the historical significance of her site and surroundings. The present volumes are an attempt to deal with these subjects, and to give in addition a history of the City spolitics, literature and religion. In order to prepare the reader for the long and often intricate discussions of so vast a subject, extending over more than fourteen centuries, I have thought it well to present first of all a picture of the essential Jerusalem. This will be found in the I ntroduction. Book I. comprises the Topography of the City and the various questions, which this raises, of position and nomenclature, along with some account of the Climate, a chapter on the Geology and another onE
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