Travels in Palestine Through the Countries...


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Author  James Silk Buckingham
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 24, 2012
Pages  452

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On announcing to the public a new volume of travels through a country apparently so well known as Palestine, some explanation is due to those who may honour the work with their patronage. The authors who have written in illustration of this small portion of the globe, from Benjamin of Tudela and Sir John Mandeville, down to Dr. Clarke and Mr. Chateaubriand, may be thought to have so completely exhausted the subject, as to leave nothing new to be added by another. The itineraries of Catholic devotees have furnished the most ample details regarding the sanctuaries and holy places jand the names of Phocas, Quaresmius, and A drichomius, are associated with these early labours. The extended journeys of Protestant scholars have enlarged our acquaintance with objects of more general enquiry, and the names of Maundrell, Shaw, and Pococke, stand pre-eminent among these.
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