Syria, the Holy Land, Asia Minor, &C, Vol...


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Author  John Carne
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  154

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On the completion of a new volume, tlie Publishers refer with pleasure to the expectations they held out, of its increasing interest and beauty; expectations, they flatter themselves, that have been fully realised. Gratified as they have been by its encouraging reception, they are deeply sensible at the same time how much they are indebted to the taste of an enlightened Public, and to the sacred and intensely absorbing nature of the subject. No efforts have been wanting to render the work as perfect as possible to extend that liberal support, and that enthusiastic interest awakened in the popular mind throughout many lands. Teeming with the noblest associations supplied by history and religion the scene of the most wonderful events that can engage the human mind Syria and the Holy Land have only recently been explored by modern Artists capable of doing full justice to the infinite beauty and variety in which they abound: the sites of empires, awe-inspiring and memorable spots interesting ruins of temples, tombs, and palaces these, as they are seen here represented, hold forth no slight inducement to tourists of every class to make them the favourite field of their future wanderings and researches. Compared with every other, it may with truth be said that they impress the mind with all the glory and the brightness of a dream; the sight of them awakens an enthusiasm felt in no other region of the earth; while the general desire to behold them is strengthened by the daily increasing facilities of communication, the various incentives to enterprise held out by science, by commerce, and by the gradual progress of European ideas and civilization, insomuch that it may almost be averred, that all who read, or write, or travel, like the Artists who first trod this virgin ground, seem to have caught some rays of fresh enthusiasm from the beauty and sacredness of the s
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