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Author  Albert Galloway Keller
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 19, 2012
Pages  658

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I ndependence. Achievements of the Portuguese in Brazil. Conclusion Pcbs of Portuguese Colonization. Note on Brazilian Revenue. Estimates of the Yield of Gold and Diamonds. CHAPTER V. THE BEGINNINGS AND THE SETTING OF SPANISH COLONIZATION 168-206 Political and Religious Unification. Economic Strength. Comparison of the Spanish and Portuguese Discoveries. Effects of the Discovery of A merica. The Demarcation. Early Policy of Spain. The Conquests. The Elarly Strength of Spain. Spanish Decadence and its Causes. Accidental Causes. Political Causes. Treatment of Foreigners. Treatment of Jews and Moriscos. Legislation and Regulation. Attempted Reform. Taxation. Economic and Social Causes for Decline. Religious Causes for Decline. The Colonial Career as a Cause for Decline. The Mercantile System. The Inflow of Bullion. CHAPTER VI. SPANISH AMERICA: POPULATION, INDUSTRY, AND TRADE 207-241 Mine-P roduction and Revenue. Emigration to A merica. Restriction of Emigration. Constituents of Population. Race-M ixture. Interrelation of Classes. Industrial Organization. Trade-R estriction. Monopoly Policy. The Seville Monopoly. The Casa de Contratacion. The Fleets and Galleons; the Fairs. Further Restriction: the Privileged Companies. Results of Restriction. Disintegration of the Restrictive System. CHAPTER VII. SPANISH AMERICA: RELATIONS WITH FOREIGNERS AND NATIVES 242-282 The Exclusion Policy. The Safeguarding of the Monopoly. The Infringement of the Monopoly. The A sifntos: Illicit Traffic. Territorial A ggressions. Decline of the Spanish Sea-P ower. The Contact of Races. The Conflict of the Economic Need and the Religious Motive. Subjugation. Enslavement. The Rtpartimientos and Encomiendas. Decline of the Native Population. Causes of Depopulation. Protective Legislation. Las Casas: the New I ws. Effectiveness of Governmental Control Negro Slavery. CHAPTER VIIL SPANISH AMER
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