Archimedes and Franklin


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Author  Robert C. Winthrop
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 22, 2012
Pages  48

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Vv fA CHARMING Story which has come down to us in reference to the great orator, philosopher, and patriot of ancient Rome, and which he has not thought it un worthy to tell briefly of himself, in one of his Tusculan Disputations, may form a not inappropriate introduction c Sto the Lecture which I am here this evening to deliver. While Cicero was quaestor in Sicily, the first public office which he ever held, and the only one to which he was then eligible, being but just thirty years old, (for the Roman laws required for one of the humblest of the great offices of state the very same age which our American Constitution requires for one of the highest,) he paid a visit to Syracuse, then among the greatest cities of the world The magistrates of the city, of course, waited on him at once, to offer their services in showing him the lions of the place, and requested him to specify anything which he would like particularly to see. Doubtless, they .supposed that he would ask immediately to be conducted to some one of their magnificent temples, that he might behold and admire those splendid works of art with which, notwithstanding that Marcellus had made it his glory to carry not a few of them away with him for the decoration of the Imperial City, Syracuse still abounded, and which soon after tempted the cupidity, and fell a prey to the rapacity, of the infamous Verres.
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