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Author  Celtic Association
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 18, 2012
Pages  248

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Jak., 1901. which is more than ever spoke it before. The American Welsh retain their language, and even organise Eisteddfodau in the New World on the pattern of the home festivals. The embodiment of Welsh nationality is the annual National Eisteddfod, held in some Welsh town at a cost of A 6,000, and assembhng some 20,000 people every year for literary and musical competitions. At the head of its literary section stands the Welsh Bardic Fraternity called the Gorsedd, which is presided over by the venerable Arch Druid, Hwfa Mon. Brittany has the advantage of the largest and most compact Celtic language area, with its 1,300,000 Breton speakers, only half of whom speak French at all. The Breton language movement has, however, only comparatively recently taken up a prominent place in the national life and aspirations of the hardy Bretons. The process of Gallicisation a ruinous policy for France as well as Brittany has been going far and fast of recent years. The policy of centralisation bids fair to sap those springs of vitality which might save France from that painless death so lugubriously prophesied for her. But there are signs that Brittany will have her own say in the matter. The vigour of the new language movement, the constant stream of new vernacular literature, the spirited fight for recognition of Breton in the schools, and the steadilyincreasing number of distinguished adherents of the Breton cause all these elements make us believe that the future of Breton language and nationality is safe. Tn the Highlands of Scotland, too, the Gae Hcmovement is making steady progress, though it has not achieved the results visible in Wales, nor has it been taken up with that irresistible force and enthusiasm which characterises the I rish movement. The quantity and quality of Gaelic literature annually turned out in Scotland is quite up to that of I reland, at pre
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