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Author  John Crawfurd
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  120

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Lc A thorough freedom of commercial intercourse V)etvcen the European and Indian dominions of the Crown, and an nnre stricted settlement of Englishmen in I ndia, are the grand and c5 essential instruments for improving our Eastern Colonies, and -rendering them useful to the mother country. Every one knows that it is the freedom which has existed in respect to these two essential and indispensable points which, even in spite of blundering legislation, neglect of the mother country, inauspicious localities, and occasional imprudence on the part of the settlers, has assured the rapid prosjjerity of almost every colony which England ever possessed ;and it is unquestionably 5the interdiction of the same freedom which has made the I ndian commerce always insignificant often retrogressive; which has made our Indian territory, from our first acquisition ,. of it down to the present moment, a heavy burden to the mother country, and which has, for the most part, after sixty years rule, kept our Indian fellow-subjects in the same unaltered state of poverty and barbarism in which we found them. The few following pages will be devoted to an examination of the question of Free Trade and Colonization in I ndia; and we imagine it will be no difficult matter to demonstrate to all accustomed to a fair exercise of their reason, that, vhether as regards the interests of Indians or of Englishmen, both are equally useful, equally safe, and equally necessary. We may truly aver, that for a full century at least, reason, common sense, Wand the principles of science, have been alike set at defiance to serve the purposes of a party ;set at defiance, as experience has amply attested, for the virtual purpose of obstructing the commerce of England, and arresting the progress of improvenaent in I ndia.
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