The Arab, the Horse of the Future


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Author  Sir Walter Gilbey
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  284

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By sir WALTER GILBEY, Bart. Having been requested by Sir James Boucaut to write a preface to the following chapters, I gladly consent, believing as I most firmly do that the Arab is the horse which has laid the foundation of all the best saddle-horses in England, A merica, I ndia, and on the Continent. Up to the present time more than 4,000 distinct works, in various languages, have been devoted to the horse, and among these are nearly ninety in A rabic and Persian, which are specially devoted to the Arab breed. Careful research into the history of the horse shows that there have been two distinct types in England since Julius Caesar visited our shores nearly 2,000 years ago namely, the light horse and the heavy horse. There can be no doubt whatever concerning the importance of the part which the Arab horse has played in the work of building up all our breeds of light horses.
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