The Empire of the Amorites


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Author  Albert Tobias Clay
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 12, 2012
Pages  192

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This volume is published by the Yale University Press on the Alexander Kohut Memorial Publication Fund. This Foundation was established October 13,1915, by a gift to Yale University from members of his family for the purpose of enabling scholars to publish texts and monographs in the Semitic field of researjsh. The Reverend Alexander Kohut, Ph.D. (L eipzig), a distinguished Oriental scholar, in whose memory the fund has been established, was born in Hungary, A pril 22,1842, of a noted family of rabbis. When pastor of the Congregation A havath Chesed in New York City, he became one of the founders of the Jewish Theological Seminary, and was a professor in that institution until his death. He was a noted pulpit orator, able to discourse with equal mastery in three languages. A mong his contributions to Semitic learning is the monumental work A ruch Completum, an encyclopaedic dictionary of the Talmud, in eight volumes. Semitic and Oriental scholars have honored his memory by inscribing to him a volume of Semitic Studies (B erlin, 1897).
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