The Masterpieces of the Ohio Mound Builders...


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Author  E. O. Randall
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  134

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Ohio Mound Builders or their works. I ts aim is to briefly describe the chief relics of the Ohio Mound Builders as they now appear, and as they appeared when found in their original condition, or when first studied by archaeological students. Some twelve years ago the author became the Secretary of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society. The duties of his office were confined to the executive affairs of the Society and the work of the Society along its historical lines. The archaeological department has been in the care of specialists in that subject. Professor G. Frederick Wright, Warren K. Moorehead, Gerard Fowke, Professor W. C. Mills and others connected with the Society have given their attention to the prehistoric researches and have produced many valuable publications as the result of their investigations. The author of the pages herewith issued naturally came in contact with the work of these scholars and acquired an irresistible interest in the subject a subject fraught with fascination because of its uniqueness and mystery. The author has visited all the earthen works herein described some of them many times so that the descriptions are those of first hand, views taken on the spot. This volume is confined to the Hilltop Fortifications. The author hopes at no distant day to supplement these studies with descriptions of the chief Lowland Enclosures, Mounds and Village sites. The socalled great religious relic of these lost people, known as Serpent Mound, has been minutely treated by the author in a volume recently published by the Society. PI O. Randall. February,
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