Damascus and Palmyra


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Author  Charles Greenstreet Addison
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 18, 2012
Pages  270

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The Great Cemetery Extraordinary Scene Female Monmen Eastern Ladies The Country Villa Hospital of Lepers Saul of Tarsus The Djereed The Meadow of Damascus. 63. CHAPTER V. Damascus Street called Straight Mosque of the Dervishes Khan of Hussein Pasha Scene in a Khan -C onclusion of a Bargain Bagdad Caravan Bedouin Women Military Divan Streets Cafis Gate of Tombs Funeral Procession Hired Mourners Mussulman Superstition Salahieh Scenery Blindness Ophthalmia A musing Anecdote Mistake of tlie Guard Mosques I mauns Muezzins Environs of Damascus Oriental Scenes Sunset The Call to Prayer Mussulman Prayers Devotion Night Call, to Prayer. 82, CHAPTER VL Damascu? House of A ssab Pasha Grand Saloon Internal Magnificence House of A li A ga Kazini Katibi The Crystal Chamber Politeness of the Proprieto r Damascene Houses The Gardens of Damascus The Place of the Separation of the Waters The surrounding Scenery Ride through the Gardens Salahieh Arrival of the Bedouin A rabs The Sheikh and his two Relations Their Visit to the British Consul Their Mode of Salutation, Dress, and Conversation Their Reception as the Guests of the Author and his Friends Salahieh The Women of the Harem Bedouin A rabs Preparation for Dinner Purification The Prayers of the Bedouins Ebcplanation of the Prayers Extracts from the Koran r The Mussulman s Paradise His I dea of a future State Termination of the Prayers The Dinner The voracious Appetites of the Bedouin Guests The Scene at Midnight AM orning s Walk into Damascus Oriental Scenes Quarrelling A rabs The Sugar Merchant s Shop Scene at the Shop The Damascene Wag confounded The Preparation of the Departure for Palmyra Account of the present State of the Desert CE neze Tribe of A rabs The Mode of Life of the Bedouins The Bedouin Sheikh. 95. CHAPTER VII.
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