Nineveh and Its Remains


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Author  Austen Henry Layard
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  272

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Not a fragment of it has been preserved by those who, it may be presumed, might have made use of it, and who quote largely from him on similar subjects. This fact has led modern critics to doubt whether Herodotus did really write an Assyrian history, although Aristotle mentions having seen it; (1) or whether he merely alludes to a projected undertaking. Did such a work exist, there is little doubt thai we should possess a very complete history of A ssyria, as Herodotus considered the subject of sufficient interest and importance to demand a separate treatise. This design of writing a distinct account of the Assyrians has unfortunately led him to omit all mention of that nation in his great work; we might otherwise have derived much information from casual notices, similar to those which he has introduced respecting the Egyptians and other remarkable nations of antiquity. Almost the only allusion he makes to an event in Assyrian history the sudden spread of the Assyrian power over Asia apparently involves an assertion in direct contradiction to all that we find elsewhere recorded of the antiquity and origin of the Assyrian empire. Of the history of Gtesias only a few fragments have been preserved, chiefly in the works of Diodorus Siculus and Photius. He was a native of Cnidus, who, either as a prisoner or a traveller, found himself at the Persian capital. Being skilled in medicine, he was taken into favour by the king, and remained seventeen years at his court, where he was treated with great distinction. During his residence in Persia he was able to consult the public archives, and he compiled from them a history of the Persians, and of their predecessors in the empire of A sia. (2) He also A vrote an account of India and its productions; the absurd exaggerations and fables which it contains have caused all his other works to be viewed with suspicion. He is
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