Turkish Armenia and Eastern Asia Minor


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Author  Henry Fanshawe Tozer
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 14, 2012
Pages  528

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The journey which is here described was the execution of a plan conceived many years before. My original intention was to explore the interior of Asia Minor; but this A vas interfered with by the great famine which visited that country in 1874. By this, travelling was rendered difficult, or at all events so painful to the feelings that no one would have wished to undertake it except in the character of an agent of relief. This circumstance turned my thoughts towards A rmenia, and before long I was seized with a strong desire to see that land, and especially to visit the upper waters of the Euphrates and Tigris ;but this plan again was for the time overthrown by the war between Russia and Turkey, so that it was not until 1879 that it became practicable. In the interval those regions and their inhabitants had acquired an additional interest, owing to the campaign itself and the negotiations which followed.
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