Eulogy on the Death of Abraham Lincoln


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Author  George S. Boutwell
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 18, 2012
Pages  32

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The nation is bowed down to-day under the Weight of a solemn and appalling sorrow, such as never before rested upon a great people. It is not the presence of death merely, with that we have become familiar. It is not the loss of a leader only that we mourn, nor of a statesman who had exhibited wisdom in great trials, in vast enterprises of war, and in delicate negotiations for the preservation of peace with foreign countries; but of a twice chosen and twice ordained ruler in whom these great qualities were found, and to which were added the personal courage of the soldier and the moral heroism of the Christian. Judged by this generation in other lands, and by other generations in future times, A braham Lincoln will be esteemed as the wisest of rulers and the most fortunate of men. To him and to his fame the manner of his death is nothing; to the country and to the whole civilized family of man it is the most appalling of tragical events. The rising sun of the day following that night of unexampled crime revealed to us the nations loss; but, stunned by the shock, the people were unable to comprehend the magnitude of the calamity. As the last rays of the setting sun glided into the calm twilight of evening, the continent was stilled into silence by its horror of the crime and its sense of the greatness of the loss sustained.
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