The Injustice and Impolicy of the Slave Trade...


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Author  Jonathan Edwards
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 19, 2012
Pages  42

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The author of this sermon was possessed of an intellect of the hest order. As a logician, he was probably inferionr to no hidividual of the age in which he lived. Capable alike of the profoiindest and most acute investigations, he brought the richest treasures from, the deepest mines of truth, and exhibited them in a light which left no doubt of thoir character. In this discourse, his mighty powers are exerted for the relief of oppressed and bleeding humanity. His arguments to prove slavery inconsistent with the principles of Christianity, appear to us irresistible. The writer is not reluctant to acknowledge his desire, that the sentiments of this discourse may obtain a universal prevalence in our country. For christians at the south, he entertains the sincerest respect. On the subject of slavery, many individuals among them, he doubts not, maintain opinions entirely correct; others he believes are in error. Slavery, say they, is an evil which admits of no remedy it must be endured. They fortify themselves in their conclusion, by the recollection, that servants were born in the house of A brani, and that Onesiraus was restored by Paul to his master. The writer hopes that these persons will peruse this sermon with attention and candour. Let them not be offended with the plainness and severity of some of the remarks, but recollecting the time and place in which they were originally made may they receive them in the spirit of christian love. The editor, has taken the liberty to exchange a few of the authors obsolete words, for more modern phraseology ;also to omit a few sentences at the conclusion of the appendix. Phocion.
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