The Crimes of Bulgaria in Macedonia


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Author  Athens Kapodistriakon
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 18, 2012
Pages  48

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This is a story of rapine and death. It is a history of crimes committed under the mask of civilized warfare, of outrages perpetrated under the guise of military necessity, of murdered children and outraged women sent to their deaths amid scenes of cruelty and torture such as are almost beyond credulity in this twentieth century. The offenders were Bulgarians wearing the uniforms and the epaulets of their national army. The victims were Greeks, Mohamtmedans and any individuals who incited the wrath or stirred the cupidity of the merciless invaders. Every instance cited in this document is indisputable. Names, facts and dates are given with such frequency and with such authority that not one chapter in this astounding history can be denied. It is, simply and frankly, the true narrative of the monstrous criminology of men who fought as savages, beyond the pale of civilized laws. All the facts come from officials and private individuals impartial in their statements, unbiased by their nationality and uninfluenced by the thought of either fear or favor. They were consuls of foreign governments, correspondents for the greatest newspapers of the world, and, in at least one instance, an officer in the Bulgarian army itself. The Universities of A thens, actuated by a love of truth and desirous of awaking the consciousness of civilization to the enormity of the Bulgarian atrocities, have issued and transmitted this authentic document to the universities and journalists of the world.
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